TSI Recertification Testing and Inspection Processes


Cleaning must be performed on the inside and outside inspection surface to ensure and accurate UT reading and adequate visibility. Examination of connections' inner and outer wall, sealing area and cushions is performed to look for excessive wear, corrosion, erosion and washouts.

TSI Recertification Cleaning Plug Valve

TSI Recertification UT Reading

UT Reading for Wall Thickness

The tube wall thickness is measured per manufacturer standards or customer specs to identify excessive wear. This procedure covers the ultrasonic measurement of the steel flow equipment wall thickness near the center of the tube and at the points of obvious wear.

Hydrostatic Testing

Using this test helps maintain safety standards and durability over time. Hydrostatic tests are conducted under the constraints of either the industry standards or the customer's specifications.

TSI Recertification Hydrostatic Manifold Test

TSI Recertification Mag Particle Test

Magnetic Particle Test (Wet or Dry)

Magnetic particle testing consists of magnetization of the test object, followed by the application of particles after or during induction of a magnetic field. The purpose of magnetic particle testing is to reveal surface discontinuities, including those too small or too tight to be seen with the unaided eye.

Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing

Phased Array is a quick, simple and reliable inspection technique used to detect surface and near-surface defects in conductive materials. With the Phased Array testing it allows the inspection of flanges, spools, risers and other assorted oil and gas equipment.

Phased Array Testing

Painting and ID Banding

All equipment that passes visual inspection is buffed and/or bead-blasted down to raw material, and then primed and painted to the customer's color request.

Equipment is then banded with the date of testing, the manufacturer of the equipment, the tested pressure and the ID of the inspection company.

TSI Recertification Paint
TSI Recertification Banding