About TSI

TSI Flow Products, a Houston, Texas based business, began as a machine shop providing wellhead components to the major suppliers of API 6A gate valves around the globe. This knowledge, experience and expertise over the years expanded into high-pressure flow control products.

The equipment manufactured at TSI Flow Products is based on field-proven designs and manufactured from the highest quality materials with stringent quality control checks and statistical process control. TSI Flow Products is an API 6A Q1 and ISO 9001 licensed facility.

TSI Flow Products is a vertically-aligned company from forge shop to test and assembly operation. For more than twenty years, we have invested significant amounts of capital into key processes including, but not limited to:

  • Forging presses
  • Heat treatment and stress relieving operations
  • CNC high-performance & precision machine tools with the ability to provide Six Sigma levels of quality with repeatable and reliable product quality
  • Assembly and testing facilities

All these key processes are performed by employees of TSI Flow Products who are fully trained, knowledgeable and skilled to understand current product and quality requirements.

This investment in state-of-the-art technologies, precision machine tools and the constant learning and training of our skilled workforce allows TSI Flow Products to pass on to our customers unequalled quality and value for our high-pressure control products.

Applications for TSI's high-pressure components include: Blowout Preventer Systems, Snubbing, Cementing, Well Stimulation, Sand Separator Systems, Coiled Tubing Systems, Productions Testing and Flowback Systems.